Sam Taylor-Wood: Sorrow, Suspension, Ascension

Random old art news moment: In her own blog, Choire Sicha, she who rules Gawker, dissed "Sorrow, Suspension, Ascension", the recent Sam Taylor-Wood exhibition at the Matthew Marks gallery. There's lots of shots of people such as Hayden Christensen and Benicio del Toro in supposed sorrowful poses, as well as the trademark Taylor-Wood self-portraits. Unfortunately, I couldn't be in Chelsea to judge with my own eyes, so all I can say really is that it did look quite bad online. (Damn being on the other side of the world!) I actually like Sam Taylor-Wood's stuff - her Soliloquy series, for instance - but the shots in this series look anemic, and it's hard to get beyond the fact of celebrity in the photos. I guess if a person I know is an actor looks sorrowful, I just chalk that up to acting, which kind of short-circuits my thinking about the art of the work.


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