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Orthography, or, Fowler is my idol

Does anyone else get upset that there's a major building in Singapore named Millenia Walk? Has someone done ever pointed out that there should be two "N"s in the name?


Also, I love this - quoted in the same context as Nabokov on the syllabus to an Austen course ! Thanks, of course, to subscribing to an Austen e-mail list about 6 years ago. Not claiming any literary genius for myself.

World Cup 2002 Thoughts. How Original.

Just watched England beat Argentina with a lovely (or at least adequate) display... takes me back to being in that pub in Chester in '98, Beckham being sent off, Batty missing the kick, grown men crying on the streets of the town. The emotional intensity of that evening I suppose is adequate justification for supporting England, besides my usual predilection for supporting decent underdogs - i.e. teams that are good enough but never quite go all the way. Like the Sox . Some talk here in S'pore about the Asian Football Confederation (I think that's the right name) wants to push for a fifth place for an Asian side. It's already in the works methinks - taking away the automatic qualification for a defending champion is just Fifa's way of transferring a place from Europe/South America to Africa/Asia. Me, I'd rather keep the system until it's clear that Asian teams are capable enough. Some of the Chinese nationals in Singapore gathered to watch their team'