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Eating through New York

Went over the weekend to Sylvia's for soul food... if I only had the capacity to eat both a plate of ribs and a plate of chicken & waffles. Will have to save the chicken & waffles for another day. But Sylvia Woods herself actually came into the restaurant. Haven't been to Harlem in a while - had read about the gentrification, but reading about it and actually seeing the Starbucks, H&M, and American Apparel on the street are quite different things. Favourite sales pitch: guy trying to get people into a cellphone store "we got G1, iPhone, Sidekick, Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, Halle Barry..." And Obama paraphernalia up and down the wazoo. I wanted an Obama "HOPE" T-shirt, with the Shep Fairey design, but the smallest size they had was an L. Other food establishments sampled thus far on this trip: Mary Ann's (Mexican, Tribeca), Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian, Hell's Kitchen), Goodburger (burgers, Midtown East), Garage (Modern American, th

In New York

Ah, I do love to be back in New York. Now off to search for some soul food... Sylvia's is kind of cliched, but I do like it. More later.