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Year of the Rat

When I was a kid, every Chinese New Year would mean my Dad pulling out this tape of traditional Chinese New Year songs sung in English, with pretty awful translations. The worst part of that is, now whenever I hear these songs at shopping centres and the like, I just immediately think of the English lyrics ("may the new year bring you all the things you want / and the best of health and wealth to you!"). Spent Day 2 at the zoo, which turned out to be the day Ah Meng died. Saw the orang utans up close, but the trainers didn't mention the death at all - heard it on the news. I suppose the only song lyric that even mentions orang utans that I can think of is Simon and Garfunkel's "At the Zoo" , appropriately enough, so I'll quote the lines: Orangutans are skeptical Of changes in their cages Happy Year of the Rat, y'all.

Past perfect

By the way, yes, I'm extremely gutted by the Patriots' loss in the Super Bowl. Still can't quite get over it.

Diet Soda

This NY Times article on metabolic syndrome being linked to diet soda intrigued me - in my quest to lead a healthier life, I've cut down drastically on my Pepsi/Coke consumption in favour of water, but I still need a caffeine fix that's sated occasionally by regular cola, and occasionally by diet, which I used to think tasted disgusting. So much for trying to drink diet... Why don't they sell Diet Coke with Splenda in Singapore, anyway? Aspartame really does leave an awful aftertaste.