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Thinking of Updike

Twitter is a drug. I feel like everything I post now wants to be shortened into pithy 140 (why not the full 160 of SMS ?) character pieces. But a welcome palliative was listening to the late John Updike's "Playing With Dynamite" (read by Roger Angell) on the bus. Suddenly I felt like writing again - full, proper writing. Or at least seeing the world better. I looked outside the bus window and wondered about the lives upon lives stacked in the apartment blocks, true human contact playing out behind the glass facade of the Newton Road apartments.

Orchids at the National Orchid Garden

Trying out a DSLR...

If the aliens speak Hokkien, NASA is ready

Randomly stumbled upon a recording in Amoy (Hokkien, really) that's part of the NASA Voyager spacecraft's golden phonograph . I love that the idea that the first thing you would ask an alien is exactly the same thing you might ask a distant relative over Chinese New Year - lin chia pa buey?


Dang if Twitter isn't addictive. While on the plethora of buses (77, 124, 132, 145, 147) today, podcasts & twittering amply helped me while away my time...