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A cooler head prevails: so what's the starting rotation for the ALCS? I actually like: Game 1: Wakefield Game 2: this is the one I can't decide - Kim???? Kim as a starter seems to be a popular option, judging by the feedback I've seen on the Sox blogs, but in Yankee Stadium? Arroyo? because it would be surprising for the Yankees, and a pitcher they've never seen would be a good thing? (Vaughn Eshelman!) Some sort of Burkett/Suppan/Kim/Arroyo committee? Game 3: Lowe (gets to be at Fenway, gets 3 days' instead of 2 days' rest) Game 4: Pedro (5 days' rest for a change) Game 5: Wakefield Game 6: Lowe Game 7: Pedro Kim's still got good stuff, not great under pressure but arguably the pressure is worst for him at Fenway, and we might as well make use of him :) If the Sox win Game 1 I think this is the best rotation...


Argh, it's 11.30am in the morning and I'm at my desk and all I want to do is run out onto the street and shout! Takes me back to 1999 all over again - I wish I were back in Boston to join in the celebrations! Derek Lowe, none out, tying run on 2nd, winning run on 1st - shows he's still got closer in his blood... runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out and he goes for the strikeouts instead of the force? Amazing, especially for a groundball pitcher... Too bad about Williamson today - too tired after 2 games in a row? You can't throw heat all of the time... and MUST the Sox make it always so close? 2 extra-inning games, 3 one-run games... No wonder Boston has all these amazing heart disease centres, it needs them. GO SOX!