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Movie Music

An old post from my old home page: Best soundtrack ever: you know, Saturday Night Fever is pretty damn good, and i'm not sure whether i'll pick Superfly over it. i suppose if i were seeking to maintain cred, i would, but the five-song run that is "Stayin' Alive" / "How Deep Is Your Love" / "Night Fever" / "More Than a Woman" / "If I Can't Have You" is hard to argue with. and i have a tendency to think that songs made for dancing get the short end of the stick, so i'll vote for them. and now that i've had the time to think about soundtracks, here's my long list of the great and the good, assuming a pop-rock vein and excluding musicals, which takes out Grease unfortunately (i can't comment on scores, although i do enjoy Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" from The Sting , and I love Lalo Schifrin and Ennio Morricone and Italian B-movie soundtracks in general): original composition, a


I can't believe I watched Spider-Man twice in one week. But it was way more fun than an event movie has any right to be, which seems to prove to me that the smart thing to do is not throw $25 million at Arnold and instead spread the wealth on solid character actors. That scene where Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane has just kissed Spiderman and he's shunting off somewhere is just so good - you can see her girlish excitement at this new guy in her life. As is the slightly teasing tone in Tobey Maguire's voice when he drops her off and identifies himself as "your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man". It's interesting to see the parallels to "Smallville" - geeky teenager trying to get a handle on his new superpowers, awkward relationship to the girl, etc etc. Part of the reason I saw the movie twice, admittedly, was to avoid watching Attack of the Clones . So I'm a comic-book geek who doesn't like Star Wars . Is that rare? I even wanted to cheer at

Did I slip? I know I stumbled

All right, this statement reps my first step into blogging, which means I've run out of time to nicely format my own HTML just for my thoughts. Such a pity.