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APN conflicts

Got a new US iPhone, which kept claiming I had no cellular data plan. Which of course turned the iPhone into a glorified iTouch, since I couldn't get data. Finally, on a stroke of inspiration, I figured out that since I also had a non-US iPhone synced to my computer, it must have somehow screwed with the APN of the new iPhone. Apple's online support on this wasn't much help, since while it helped me verify that I might indeed have figured out the source of the problem, "editing the Cellular Data Network settings is only available on authorized unlocked iPhones or with carriers that allow modifying the APN details" i.e. not on a locked AT&T iPhone. But I managed to edit the APN settings anyway. I wonder if Apple/AT&T would consider it wrong that I did so, just in order to get the cellular data service that I was paying for?

DC Restaurant Week

It's the middle of DC restaurant week, and although I put in late reservations I still managed to get a few good places. Morton's last night. All Morton's steakhouses kind of look the same - that old oak wood clubby feel - but that's all right when all Morton's steaks taste the same - delicious. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Mad Men Season 4, Episode 2

"Mad Men" is the only show I actually have a reminder in my calendar for. I'll leave the excellent Heather Havrilesky to sum up the episode .  Television Without Pity usually has great recaps too.  But here's some thoughts, just on Lee Garner Jr.'s line on receiving his present: "Reminds me of when I was a kid. Remember that, you'd ask for something and you'd get it? Made you happy", and why I love this show. The writers pack so much into this one line: the idea that Lee's a person of privilege who always got what he wanted; the idea that he should be able to find happiness; and the wistfulness for a much simpler chain of causality: you know what will make you happy, you ask for it, you get it, and it makes you happy. Lee at best only has a good idea of what will make him happy. I don't get the sense that, outside of the Sal incident, he's tried to ask for it much. (Although reasonable people might disagree.) And I don't