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Some readings on finance

Various points of view. And congrats to Paul Krugman, a deserving winner of the Nobel for economics. More Taleb, from Fortune , in 2007. Jeffrey Frankel of the K-school at Harvard, in 2005, on budget deficits . "But some day soon, the bond market will catch up with reality, and will fall substantially. Rising long-term interest rates (and slowing house prices) will send millions of American households into default on their mortgages -- especially those with interest-only or Adjustable Rate Mortgages..." Hussman commentary . "Four magic words will ease this crisis: 'We are providing capital."

My iPhone, 1 month on

Aka: do they text or listen to podcasts in Cupertino? All right, having had my iPhone 3G for just over a month now, here's what I have to report about it. One - it's still addictive. I use everything on it - the iPod, Safari, GPS - and I use it all intensively. And the simple, pure joy of being able to take a call while I'm listening to my iPod without the rigmarole of taking out the earphones and fumbling for my phone alone makes it worthwhile. That, and calling up recipes while I'm at the supermarket, checking for when the next bus is arriving (thanks, iSinGeo ), the ability to sync with Google Calendar so that I always have a means of figuring out where I'm supposed to be, looking up the historical background of Rome on Wikipanion while I'm watching Rome , c hecking the baseball scores while I'm out and about - it's a marvel, and it looks good to boot. Now, my list of annoyances and grievances. To be honest, before I got the phone I would have bet thi

Warren Buffett on Charlie Rose

Warren Buffett on the Charlie Rose show .