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Setlist for Wednesday night

Here's what I played a couple of nights ago... 'Twas a short little set, and the early evening period meant I slipped in more than a few mellow songs. (Except that the PINE*am song takes Erik Satie 's minimal classic and turns it into a Japanese-pop noise-festival.) Turin Brakes, "Pain Killer (Summer Rain)" Aerosmith, "Dream On" Elbow, "Asleep in the Back" Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah" Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris, "Return of the Grievous Angel" Dashboard Confessional, "Hands Down" Wilco, "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" The Beta Band, "Dog Got A Bone" The Postal Service, "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" The Electric Soft Parade, "Silent to the Dark" Jimmy Eat World, "Lucky Denver Mint" PINE*am, "Gymnopedie 0.1" The Decemberists, "Here I Dreamt I was an Architect" Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side" The Walkmen, "Revenge Wears No

Giant Squid Found Live!

Wow - they finally photographed a giant squid live in the wild ! For centuries giant squids, formally called Architeuthis, have been the stuff of legends, appearing in the myths of ancient Greece or attacking a submarine in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." But they had never been seen in their natural habitat, only caught in fishing nets or washed ashore dead or dying. The Japanese team, capping a three-year effort, filmed the creature in September of last year, finding what one researcher called "the holy grail" of deep-sea animals. ( Seattle Times-Intelligencer ) Man - ever since last year's New Yorker article on the Squid Hunter (an excellent read - highly recommended if you want more background about the quest for the giant squid), I've been quite intrigued by the fact that the world's largest inverterbrate was almost mythical, since only dead ones had been found. It was almost like trying to find Nessie. So I guess Stev


Dir. Austin Chick Mark Ruffalo, Maya Stange, Kathleen Robertson, Petra Wright XX/XY , Austin Chick's directorial debut, tells a familiar story: being young, reckless, feeling like and acting as though nothing has consequences - and then growing older, and learning to deal with the consequences of one's actions. Wannabe artist Coles (Mark Ruffalo) meets Sam (Maya Stange) at a party at Sarah Lawrence, and Sam invites along punk grrl Thea (Kathleen Robertson) for a menage a trois. And so begins a classic relationship of youth, prodigal, profligate, promiscuous, and seemingly aconsequential - until the heartbreak when Coles reveals to Sam he has had a one-night stand. Ten years later, all three parties find themselves back in New York, somewhat altered by the passage of time. Thea now is the wife of a successful restauranteur, Sam has just returned from London, and Coles has given up filmmaking for advertising. And it is Coles' chance reunion with Sam that triggers off all sort

Sign O' The Times

An amusing sign from Amsterdam from Indrani's Flickr collection of photos of signs . I think it means "if you spot a paedophile in a hat abducting a little girl, you should drop a large object such as a bicycle on him". Technorati Tags: signs


Someone tried to send me an e-mail today and it bounced. And that just seals it: I've come to realise that quite a few e-mails don't make it through my layers of spam protection (on the forwarding address, on the server, on my own Eudora junk-mail filter). Heck, there are e-mails that I send out that don't make it through the layers of protection I have. So - if you wrote me a while ago and suspect I didn't receive it - I probably didn't. And that's my excuse for the day, folks.

Hideout, once more

Got a last-minute request to do a DJ slot tonight at Hideout . I'll be on from 9 till 10.30pm, anyone wants to drop by to say hi. Basic indie rock stuff - nothing fancy, just another view of the crevices of my record collection.

Let's Go, Baby

Not being au fait with the martial arts (my weekend watching of Kill Bill notwithstanding), I've never heard of Wing Chun Kung Fu in my life, and then suddenly in the space of 12 hours I hear 2 references to it - first in Alexei Sayle's "This Stupid Smile", a short story from his Barcelona Plates collection, then in my inbox this morning, some club was offering Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons. Isn't it weird when random things start peppering one's sphere of thought? Of course, I first read the e-mail as saying Wang Chung Kung Fu lessons, which would've been hilarious. Everybody have fun tonight!


Dir. Jean-Pierre Limosin Novo tells a story that is part Memento , part 50 First Dates (although this French film, a 2002 product, predates the latter tale): the lead character, Graham (Eduardo Noriega) suffers from short term memory loss thanks to an accident. This being a French film, the memory loss leads to him being kept as a sexual plaything for his boss, Sabine (Nathalie Richard). The usual aides memoire of memory-loss films - writing in notebooks, on the skin, on the walls - come into play for Graham, particularly after he meets Irene (Anna Mouglalis), an office temp who falls for his clear charm (charm being a property of the immediate, rather than time-dependent). So is love dependent on memory and the accumulation of shared experiences, or can one fall in love at first sight? Oh brave new world. Unlike either of the other two films mentioned, however, Novo doesn't do much to develop these philosophical implications of short-term memory loss. Indeed, the film holds th

Female Handicap

I just thought the way this loo sign was phrased was funny. What's a "female handicap"? Or is that just inviting snarky answers? The equivalent male toilet sign is here . Technorati Tags: signs


Wow, the first weekend in a while in which I wasn't working. So I did guy-style shopping. Which is to say, I knew what I wanted to get and went to the stores and got them. Among the items purchased: Tiffany sterling silver cufflinks . Because sometimes one feels extravagant. Tailor-made CYC shirt. Because I needed somewhere to put the cufflinks. (Shirts with french cuffs aren't easy to find, and those that one can find often cost the same as getting them tailored.) Aussino bedsheets. Got hooked on the 370 threadcount of a set I'd bought previously, bought another set. I think threadcount is great - it allows some way of saying "this is a more comfortable set of sheets" without, you know, like, talking about feelings and stuff. Heh. Fossil Frank Gehry watch . Scratched up my current watch quite badly, needed a new one, and I'm a sucker for quality design. Ah, the luxe life. Well, I guess I haven't done much for myself lately, so there we go. You know, I

Linksfest: Your looks are laughable

Unphotographable , a non-photo blog. (Via Michelle ) I love the New Yorker . As does this guy - in some sense. Are most women bi-curious ? Adding a delete button to Gmail , using a Greasemonkey script

Memoirs of the Past

S Chandrasekaran, "Memoirs of the Past", 2001 , at the Little India MRT station. Public Art in Singapore

The self, annotated

You would play upon me; you would seem to know my stops; you would pluck out the heart of my mystery I'm quite impressed by how the "I'm that blogger" thing has spread through the Singaporean blogosphere, considering that it's not a full-on meme - no one tags you to do it, it just is done. It has the tones of a giant group confessional, and a lot of the writing is very moving. It is really good to see how complex people's lives are - some of my friends have joined in. But I'm the guy who never kisses and tells, so you can just stop here if that's what you're looking for. There are things about myself that I will never say online. So I shall try to negotiate a variation of this exploration of self that doesn't touch - as everyone else's seems to do - on love and sex and relationships and family, but on identity. I'm the guy who will edit and reedit this entry, and disavow all previous incarnations of the text. There are a hundred

Who would film your life?

Hey, another day, another online quiz (via the Wily Filipino ), and apparently my favourite director will direct the story of my life. Which could mean, of course, I'm really a small-built neurotic New Yorker... anyway, here's the results: Woody Allen Your film will be 71% romantic, 41% comedy, 25% complex plot, and a $29 million budget. Be prepared to have your life story shot entirely in New York City -- though lately Woody's been loving shooting in London. Also, your music soundtrack is all jazz from before 1949. Filmography: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories, Everyone Says I Love You, etc. Woody has released one film per year consistently for the past 35 years. For the past 15 years he's been trying to make films like his older, funnier ones, just like characters in his Stardust Memories film suggest throughout. Regardless of his personal life, his films are Americanclassics. My test tracked 4 variables How you com


A couple of months ago I discovered Chippy's, a fish-and-chips takeaway (literally - there are only a couple of seats) in the basement of Far East Plaza. I have un certain weakness for British takeaway food, and $4.45 got me a huge bag of beer-battered fish, complete with salt and vinegar. Instead of the usual 2 large fillets though, this place gave out smaller chunks and skewers to hold them with - great for eating on the move, and great for batter lovers. Very filling, although the texture of the fish was admittedly a bit too powdery for my liking. I was also taken by the fact that while there are a few decent places to get fish and chips in Singapore (I especially like the one at Molly Malone's), this place also had that other takeaway staple, the fried Mars bar. Once my arteries unclog themselves I'll go try it.

Panel #1

I call this Panel #1. Notice the interplay of the colours, and the white lines slashing down, reminiscent of Barnett Newman's zips . Alternatively, it's an interesting pattern that I noticed on some MRT construction at the City Hall station.

Salary scale

New York Metro publishes its list of who makes how much money in Noo Yawk : so there's a guy who made a billion in one year (Edward Lampert, of a hedge fund). And apparently New York weatherpeople make a lot of money. And 50 Cent made 50 mil, which has sort of a nice ring to it. (Noticed the name of Ben Mathis-Lilley in the mix of the contributors to that article. Funny when you stumble upon familiar names from college - one of those "where are they now?" moments.)

For every truth there are half a million lies


Linksfest: Can I Get A.....?

Jay-Z and Beyonce caught in flagrante delicto . Possibly offensive. (Via City Rag ) On P Diddy losing the P in his monicker : "Does the press--your Kurt Loders, your Billy Bushes--go along with the Puffy/(P) Diddy fiction because they don't know the cultural nuances, or because it allows them to exploit our racist fascination with the crazy customs of these exotic black people? And if it's the last of these, should Sean Combs be condemned as an enabler of racism, or should he be celebrated as a 21st century trickster, someone who uses the machinery of caucasian hegemony to make fools of the white folk?" On the death of Jane magazine - I didn't know how significant a life force Sassy magazine once was. And finally, the pic up there is of Amy Crehore 's "Havana Brown". I like her style - very distinctive (I remember this Jewel-Alanis illustration from Rolling Stone , for instance). Technorati Tags: hip-hop , jane , art

Say what?

Artist Ji Lee pasted these blank speech bubbles around New York and took photos of what people wrote in them. I really like the Matthew Barney allusion in this one - says something about the marriage of art and commerce. (Via BoingBoing )

Katong Shophouse

Sometimes it's hard to get the right angle for a picture - this one was taken from the upper deck of a double-decker bus.

Linksfest: Manic Monday

Tiny Dancer: Robots perform gynecological surgery . An Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview with Alexei Sayle , formerly of the Young Ones and now a writer. I just finished reading Sayles' collection of short stories Barcelona Plates . Funny stuff, if occasionally trying too hard for a twist. Who can remember the name of Brooklyn's New Hip Band ? The table tennis set that's remniscent of Edward Hopper .

Ian Woo, "Enigmatic Appearances"

Continuing my occasional series on public art in Singapore, this is part of Ian Woo's "Enigmatic Appearances" (2001) - the whole work runs throughout the HarbourFront MRT station and is part of the North-East Line's Art in Transit series . Singapore Public Art group on Flickr

North Korea gets credit

The North Koreans introduce a credit card . Although deciphering the description of the card on the official North Korean news site . it sounds more like a debit card: "Six kinds of currencies can be deposited in a card at a time. With this card, one can exchange money instantly without going to a money exchange booth. A card can be shared by several persons... The bank enjoys popularity among depositors." "The North Korean Credit Card: Don't Leave the Country Without It. Actually, Don't Leave the Country, Full Stop." *** Also from the North Korean news site, apparently we've all missed the epic artistic masterpiece "Arirang" : "The grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang" is a work in which the mass gymnastic display and art performance are well combined with the help of peculiar technical depiction means. It highlights itself as a masterpiece as it has reached a new stage for the cultural and artistic development

Rocket Man

I used the word "terraforming" in conversation this week in the context of thinking about transforming Mars, and it was interesting to see that a Cambridge, Mass. company actually wants to settle Mars . Although its planned means of profit are much more prosaic: As the company gains expertise, it expects to sell consulting services to aerospace companies or NASA. It envisions getting work designing Mars sets for movies and Mars rides for amusement parks. Meanwhile, it plans to construct a mock-up of its Mars home and begin selling tickets to it by 2007. Potential sites in Colorado, Florida and New Mexico are being considered. ( Link ) Wouldn't Mars, Pennsylvania be another good potential site?

Permission to use the facilities, Condi?

I'll just put the Reuters picture and accompanying summary: U.S. President George W. Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York September 14, 2005. ( Link ) Another picture

Google blog search

Hey, Google has a blog search now? Just noticed the bright shining bar on my Blogger dashboard. Icerocket and Technorati must be worried. Already, for me at least, it gives the same links as those two, and much faster. Google Blog Search FAQ

Shaq nabs assault suspect

Wow - Shaq's in police training? Seeing Shaq chase after you on the street might be pretty scary. Miami Heat giant centre Shaquille O'Neal put his police training to good use when he helped nab a suspect who allegedly assaulted a gay couple. O'Neal, who is working towards a career as a policeman once his basketball playing days are over, witnessed a man yell anti-gay remarks and throw a bottle at a couple walking along a Miami beach early Sunday morning, Miami police said. O'Neal followed the suspect's vehicle and alerted a police officer who made an arrest, the Miami Herald reported. ( Link )

In memoriam

I remember where I was on September 11, 2001, and I will never forget. On the second-to-last day I was in New York - back in July 2001 - I took a trip down to Tribeca at night and stood there, under the towers. Back then in a magical summer where everything seemed right with the world and the biggest news was the disappearance of Chandra Levy - back then, who was to know everything would change?

Pardon my french, or, apologising to inanimate objects

Wrote this in one of my responses to my earlier post on assigning characteristics to inanimate objects , but thought it was worth putting up: "Men do not apologize to inanimate objects. Have you ever seen a woman bump into a chair and say to the chair, "Oops, I'm sorry"? I've seen women say "excuse me" to wastepaper baskets. I've seen women say "pardon me" to table legs. On occasion, I've seen women apologize to extension cords, department-store mannequins, and packing crates that people have left in the middle of their living rooms.... Guys don't do this. When a guy trips over a packing crate, you know what he does? He curses. He goes, "Who the fuck put this box here?" - even if he left it there himself." - Susan Jane Gilman, "Kiss My Tiara" (was too lazy to retype it, so I took the quote off Punkindunkin's blog ) Is this true? I mean, the woman part. The guy part is pretty much spot on. I just hit my

Cory Doctorow

Oh, besides attending the comedy workshop last Saturday, I also met Cory Doctorow of at a Singapore Writers' Festival dinner thing. The last time I took part in the Singapore Writers' Festival was at a poetry reading AGES ago - I read some of my poetry at the Substation. But it was fun talking to Cory, and he did have some very insightful questions - such as, "does it matter that a lot of the public spaces in Singapore such as shopping malls are privately owned?"

South Park character

Myself as a South Park character. Well, with a few pimpin' touches: South Park Studio

Linksfest: Saturday Night Fever

S.E. Hinton surfaces ! For the release of the recut version of The Outsiders film. I remember reading that as a young teenager - didn't know that Hinton herself was only 17 when the book was published. What matters in a framing a picture . Speaking of which, does anyone know where to get good framed movie posters in Singapore? Not poster reprints, but the originals. I've tried the store at the Esplanade, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. The Romenesko effect : the effect of a blog collecting news, gossip, and commentary on the cloistered world of American journalism. Technorati Tags: books , framing , journalism


Businessweek discusses Technorati's growth expansion into the Blogfinder service , which lets you find blogs about a specific subject. Which is cool, except that unless you go in and change the blog's configuration, it tries to guess what your blog is about based on your most frequently used Technorati tags. But if your blog is really specialised, you really wouldn't go around tagging every post with the exact same tag right? For instance, it would seem kind of silly for me to tag every post on my Red Sox blog with "red sox" or "baseball". On the bright side, Technorati does actually seem to return results these days (75% chance), so the complaints I had are fading slightly. Technorati Tags: technorati

The hidden anthropomorphism of buying things

I'm reading Yann Martel's Life of Pi right now, and at one point he notes the tendency of people to anthropomorphise animals - we think of animals totally in human terms (hey, I do it to Coconut and Rerun all the time). And I think we do it even when we buy things. For instance, every now and then I'll chance upon a blog entry that will say, to the effect, "the Creative Zen clearly has more features, and I'm ashamed to admit I bought the iPod solely based on looks". But why be embarrassed? Surely the idea that you shouldn't judge based on looks is an idea that should apply only to people - or animals? Whose feelings are hurt if one judges an item based on looks? (We assume, of course, that the objects being compared both don't have any technical flaws, just that one is better-looking and one is feature-laden.) Speaking of good-looking, the new Apple iPod Nano looks gorgeous. I'm very pleased about my MP3-playing cellphone (512MB's good enough

My media acquisitions for the week

Been on a bit of a spending spree... Books: Abha Dawesar , Babyji Julie Hilden, 3 Yann Martel, The Life of Pi Anais Nin, Henry and June Alexei Sayle, Barcelona Plates Music: Various artistes, This is Fort Apache (for Radiohead's "Anyone Can Play Guitar") Manic Street Preachers, So Why So Sad single (for the "So Why So Sad" Sean Penn mix) Pearl Jam, Nothing As It Seems single (for the live version of "Better Man") Sugababes, Round Round single (for the "Freak Like Me" dancehall mix) Feist, "Let It Die" Yeah - Sembawang Music Centre was having some sort of clearance in the Orchard MRT station, and I couldn't resist buying singles for $2.90 - I love all the B-sides. But my favourite acquisition of the week was the Feist song, off the iTunes Music Store. Lord knows why I took so long to bite the bullet on buying it, when Feist's own "Mushaboom" has been on my playlist. But anyway, the lyrics : "The saddest part of


It's pretty cool what you can find on Flickr ... here's the side of a car of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Colorado.

Keep your snoopy eyes on the road

This is both cool and creepy: an in-car camera-computer that ensures you keep your eyes on the road when driving . Which reminds me of a song my mum taught me a long time ago : Seven little girls sittin' in the back seat Huggin and a'kissin with Fred I said, why don't one of you come up and sit beside me And this is what the seven girls said All together now, one, two, three Keep your mind on your drivin' Keep your hands on the wheel Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead We're havin' fun sittin' in the back seat Kissin' and a'huggin' with Fred - Paul Evans, "Seven Little Girls" It's always funny when I think back on the songs my parents used to sing to me as a kid. That damned Fred. Paul Evans' site - includes some great recollections of Brill Building days, as well as Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun (what a pair, but then anyone who watched Ray knows that) .

Fashion photography

The Village Voice 's "three young indie designers to check out now" story highlighted Rebecca Turbow's Safe Clothes line , which I thought had an oddly interesting sterile-bordering-on-creepy look. Meanwhile, Vogue had a feature story on Alice in Wonderland , including these really interesting shots by Annie Leibovitz of various designers' take on Alice . Of course, the model they used (Natalia Vodianova) is 21 years old, which is much less creepy than Charles Dodgson taking photos of Alice Liddell .


At the Singapore Repertory Theatre Shabana Azmi, Peter Friedman, Simon Jones One of Harold Pinter's greatest plays (and that's saying a lot), Betrayal tells the story of an affair in reverse, from a gathering of two former lovers Emma ( Shabana Azmi ) and Jerry ( Peter Friedman ) two years after the end of the affair, to the moment of declaration of affection. Yet Betrayal is about far more than the most obvious betrayal of adultery. It is about betrayal in many forms: the ways in which we betray lovers, friends, and ourselves, and the way life itself betrays expectations of how anything should turn out. Emma's husband is Jerry's best friend Robert ( Simon Jones ), who seems initially the poor cuckolded husband, before the play betrays our own assumptions and expectations, with revelations of casual violence ("I've hit Emma once or twice") and of Robert's knowledge of his wife's affair. It's a love triangle of sorts, given how significant Rob

Michael Jackson, He-Man

This bit on Michael Jackson (in what I'm guessing was the Page Six section of the NY Post) is funny: Michael Jackson is undergoing a major change in his appearance as he hides away in Bahrain and tries to re-launch his career. Jackson, who is now 47, is working on a more masculine appearance and has begun a regimen of working out, wearing shorter wigs and using less make-up. ( Link from - caution, the site uses a background of what seems to be Angelina Jolie in a bra, which may not cast you in a particularly impressive light when your boss walks by) Ah, Michael Jackson, beefcake. Right. I like how his change isn't actually doing away with wigs and makeup altogether, but using shorter wigs and less makeup.

Truth vs fairness

The Guardian has a good essay by Richard Dawkins of Oxford and Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago on the debate over teaching Intelligent Design in schools: The call for balance, by the way, was always tempered by the maxim, "When two opposite points of view are expressed with equal intensity, the truth does not necessarily lie exactly half way between. It is possible for one side simply to be wrong." ... Why, then, would two lifelong educators and passionate advocates of the "both sides" style of teaching join with essentially all biologists in making an exception of the alleged controversy between creation and evolution? What is wrong with the apparently sweet reasonableness of "it is only fair to teach both sides"? The answer is simple. This is not a scientific controversy at all. Dawkins and Coyne may be writing about the Intelligent Design controversy, but the general point they make is a good one: just because two opposite points of view exis

Text stats

The Washington Post looks at's new "Text Stats" feature . Thanks to a sensational subsection called Fun Stats, you will know just how many words you are getting per dollar and per ounce with each book. For instance, "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy gives you 51,707 words per dollar, while "Obliviously On He Sails: The Bush Administration in Rhyme" by Calvin Trillin delivers only 1,106 words per dollar. Confronted with the evidence, Trillin says, "I don't mind being compared to Tolstoy literarily, but when it comes to Fun Stats it's a little humiliating." Getting trashed by Tolstoy on Fun must be a bummer! Of course, "War and Peace" is probably a words per dollar juggernaut.

Havaianas Cartunistas

The current pair of sandals I'm using dates back to forever - so I bought a pair of Havainas flip-flops. Fun-looking huh?

More street art

Spotted this on Thundercat - they created these stickers that make the "walking man" icon of the New York crosswalks funkier. Cool beans. (Via Air Massive ) Edit: ah, BoingBoing published ( twice! ) my submission on Thundercut, which made me realise there's a video by Ektopia of his work. There's also a Thundercut set on Flickr .

Weekend Warring

What a busy weekend. Spent a good part of it at Steve Kaplan's Comedy Intensive workshop , (at S$100, a far sight cheaper than the US$275 it would've cost me in the States) which was filled with excellent insights into writing comedy. Now I feel inspired to join an improv troupe or in the least develop a version of the Aristocrats joke . Plus the workshop also helped confirm something I've said before, that Groundhog Day is one of the truly great comedy films of all time (we did a full-length analysis of the film). I shall make no promises about improving the Funny of this blog, however. No refunds - you bought it, you got it.

My CD shelves

One thing about DJing on Wednesday though, it meant I had to pluck out some CDs from the spankin' new CD shelves that I had made, thereby destroying the beautifully alphabetised arrangement. Oh well. About the CD case - it goes two deep, because at the bottom there are two drawers meant to be big enough to hold LPs. So to maximise space I put albums in front, singles behind. Still, the soundtracks occupy part of another shelf, while personal mix CDs, magazine promo CDs, and dance music compilations go into these two drawers that I had made to place below my DJ equipment. Nifty! If somewhat obsessive. Bonus points for naming the albums I have based solely on the spines here.

Man still superior to machine at bowling

I come from a family of avid bowlers - I even have my own ball, a random present given to me on a whim. Haven't bowled much since I broke my hand a couple of years back (was happy to even hit 3 digits a couple of weeks back), but I still find bowling news fairly interesting, especially when it marries bowling and tech geekery: Defending Masters champion and one of the top professional bowlers in the world Danny Wiseman of Baltimore defeated "Harry" the ball-thrower in a race to five strikes at the United States Bowling Congress Research and Testing Facility on Tuesday. While "Harry" was far from perfect, Wiseman was right on target, striking on his first five shots. "Harry" only managed one strike in five attempts. ( ) Sadly, I'm guessing that the odd competition is because "Harry" can only throw strikes - it doesn't seem to have the capability of converting spares. But hey, it's not like Deep Blue 's any use at hitti

The decks at Hideout

From my gig yesterday - here are the decks at Hideout, taken with my spiffy phone-plus-flash attachment. The flash really makes a difference. Anyway, I had great fun - thanks to all who came, and happy birthday to the bloke celebrating his birthday! A setlist should be up soon, but off the top of my head, I definitely played these songs (throwing in a bit of hip-hop on the management's behest): The Roots "The 'Notic" A Tribe Called Quest "Can I Kick It?" MC Paul Barman "I'm Freakin' Awesome" Elliott Smith "Let's Get Lost" Ryan Adams "Dancing When the Stars Go Blue" Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros "Redemption Song" Wilco "Muzzle of Bees" A.C. Newman "Drink to Me, Then" Keane "Can't Stop Now" Weezer "Mykel and Carli" The Strokes "Meet Me In the Bathroom" Franz Ferdinand "Tell Her Tonight" The Killers "Mr Brightside" Franz Ferdinand &quo

The Supremes, You Can't Hurry Love

Back in college, my friend Jenny and I had an ongoing debate over the Supremes' "You Can't Hurry Love": is its central message fundamentally optimistic, or melancholic? And I think ultimately it depends on the listener and how comfortable one is about having things beyond your control. If you can't hurry love and you just have to wait - should that cause one to be upset at the vagaries of fate? Or does that mean that, well, love will happen anyway, and your present lovelorn state is just a blip of unhappiness? Me, I'm quite accepting of things beyond my control, I think, so I think of the song in an optimistic way. All I know is, when that bassline kicks in, it makes me happy.