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Location-Based Services

I love GPS, and I love Google Maps, and I'm the first to think that there could be more done with location-based services in Singapore. (Aside: Some day I'll do my own Google Maps mashup to find out where I can take my recycling. In the meantime, I managed to get the number of the local karang guni man.) I like the idea of using something as non-geographical as the Internet to promote hyperlocal things, such as figuring out restaurants near you and the like, and I like the idea that my phone can help me do that. But even so, I don't get Foursquare or Google Buzz for Mobile, which I played around with for a while. Via sparklette , I found "Please Rob Me" , which figures out who's not at home using foursquare. (Technically, since it tells you where people aren't, not where they are, it should be "please burglarise me", but I guess that's not as catchy a name.) It may be facetious, but it helps make a good point - why do you want to broadcast yo

Salinger remembered

Lillian Ross on her friendship with J. D. Salinger in the New Yorker . A lovely portrait of the man as man, not recluse. Also some photos .

Chinese New Year

In honour of the tradition of not using scissors on Chinese New Year, I will eschew cutting. I will only copy and paste.