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Are we there yet?

There's another Final Destination? Each sequel makes a lie out of the title of its predecessor.

Swell Season

I've heard/seen the Swell Season's Tiny Desk Concert so many times the songs feel like old favourites. Songs from their upcoming Strict Joy album (I like "Back Broke", in particular), plus an encore version of "When Your Mind's Made Up". Lovely stuff, as always.

iPhone, data roaming, and maps

An iPhone tip: When I was travelling last month I needed handy maps of places but didn't want to pay international data roaming costs on my iPhone. My quick and dirty solution was to load up the maps needed pretrip or when I had a wifi connection, press the power/home button combo to take screenshots of the maps, and essentially use the Photos page as a maps page when I was walking around. Not elegant, but certainly money saving.