Idol Gives Back

All congratulations to Simon Fuller for importing the telethon concept to America (and even importing in Richard Curtis, aka "Four Weddings and a Funeral" screenwriter and Red Nose Day creator). I only wish the singing had been better. Melinda was great, as always - she has this ability to take a song I don't know and make me want to hear it. The only thing hindering her I think is the tyranny of high expectations.

As for the rest - I thought Jordin's "You'll Never Walk Alone" was lovely, but I admit I always find that song very moving (and I'm an Everton fan!). Has to do with memories of watching the Hillsborough semifinal live as a kid, and witnessing that awful tragedy.

Chris - needs sinus surgery. And fast. How come Lakisha seems to have forgotten how to sing big without pitching problems? And Blake made a bad choice, I thought. How does one not compare it (unfavourably) to Lennon's original "Imagine"? That said, I do dislike the original "Imagine" - I'll go into that another day.


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