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Quite funny: George W. Bush was caught without cash at church when the offering plate was passed around, and had to get help from his dad. I always forget to put cash in my wallet, actually, so I sympathise. (Via

Extremely sad: Italy's real-life Romeo and Juliet, this one set in Padua instead of fair Verona.

Just plain strange: New Zealand gang steals dead member's body from his own funeral.

Elv1s 4ever: Elvis has the 1000th UK number 1 single with "One Night". Quite a remarkable feat for a performer who's been dead forever. Although it's probably more due to a decline in the singles format.

Spiralling downwards: Paris Hilton caught on tape shoplifting. Apparently, being a Hilton means you don't have to check out. The idea of catching P-Hilt on video has jumped the shark.


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