Just watched X2. Brilliant stuff, and I love the bigger improved role for Rogue, my favourite of the X-Men. (X-Women, I suppose.) But the question remains: couldn't Iceman just use his powers at the ending? Also, it's interesting that the women all seem to have it together (Jean Grey and Storm fly the plane, Mystique's a computer whiz), while the men may have powers but they're all neurotic as hell - the tortured Wolverine, the repressed Cyclops, the uncertain Nightcrawler. Speaking of Nightcrawler, it was interesting to see Alan Cumming in a less campy role for a change. And I liked the way Bryan Singer managed to give moments to a whole panoply of X-Men, not just the big roles but also Siryn, Jubilee, Gambit, Kitty Pryde... apparently there was a Beast sequence too but I missed it. And Ian McKellen as Magneto escaping from the prison - brilliant action sequence, beautifully realised.


Anonymous said…
I thought Kitty Pryde was a tad too young ... mutant powers generally don't manifest themselves until puberty ... see her entrance in the original comic.
Anonymous said…
Robin Hood and Major Tom
All the superheroes rolled into one ...

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