Thursday, 17 February 2005

50 Cent's crib

This New York Times article on 50 Cent's life in the sleepy suburb of Farmington, Conn., is quite wry -
But a cook at China Palace said Mr. Jackson could save 10 percent on any order over $30...
Ah, the privileges of fame... 10% off Chinese takeout!

For the party, Mr. Jackson ordered more than $5,000 worth of liquor, including "a lot of Baccardi," according to the owner of a Farmington liquor store who spoke on the condition of anonymity "to protect his privacy."
Sipping Bacardi (ooh, caught a Times misspelling) like it's his birthday. How anonymous could a liquor store owner in a suburban town be? It's not like there're hundreds of liquor stores in the town, I'm guessing. I like how they keep referring to him as Mr. Jackson...

is this a bout 50 cent ?!?! .. Mr. Jakson is that like his grandpa you need to leave more information! ... i love 50 cent he nis the best .. i am doing an Biography i need information on him

Mr Jackson IS 50 Cent. The New York Times uses real names, not rap names :)

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xxxxxxxxxxxmeganxxxxxxxxxxxxx provides the following:

I write the following because Tom Birdsong, Assistant Managing Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on Wednesday, November 9, 2005, said, “No one is going to write about your family’s plight.” Thereafter, Mrs. Estelle B. Richman’s staff (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania‘s Secretary of Welfare) became very rude and indifferent to our emergency situation. In fact, Ms. Richman’s chief of staff, Linda Hicks no longer accepted our calls. Christian Bowser actually laughed about our situation. Inez Titus, became even more stubborn with her unlawful position. The Executive Director for Western Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, Tim Cornell (Mrs. Titus’ supervisor) has yet to return any of our calls.

Nonetheless, a man was shot to death in a cinema lobby shootout after watching gangsta rapper 50 cent’s movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” prompting the Loews Cineplex at the Waterfront in West Homestead (just east of Pittsburgh) to stop showing the film. I was there with my family (common-law wife and three minor children). That is, although determined eligible, my family has again been denied the Low Income Heating Assistance Program (“LIHEAP”) federal entitlement for the fourth or fifth straight year. Without heat during the cold winter months a theater provides temporary shelter (allowing my family opportunity to give relatives “a break” from our nightly sleep-overs).

What happened at the Waterfront? Shelton Flowers, 30, of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, was shot three times and died later at a local hospital. Flowers had just watched the movie and got into a confrontation with three men in the bathroom. A fight ensued and spilled out into the concessions area, where Flowers was shot. Immediately, Loews Cineplex pulled the movie as a precaution. The R-rated movie is based on Curtis “50-cent” Jackson’s own life which includes drug dealing, time in prison, and getting shot nine times. Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom, Inc., removed billboards for the movie near some inner-city schools after Los Angeles area community leaders complained last month.

Wilkinsburg, just east of Pittsburgh, is a town that was once synonymous with white supremacy. It is a town that had a mere 502 black residents in 1950 when its population hit 31,000, and only 224 more black residents 10 years later. But, over the next few decades, almost like a prophecy, the black population rose to 90 percent. That is, just a little more than 200 years ago Andrew Levi Levy, Sr. named the town “Africa.”

The borough grew from Levy’s land and other plots (such as the curiously named “Pious Purchase,” and others called Rippeyville, McNairsville and Sterrett Township). It was incorporated some 118 years ago and given the name Wilkinsburg after Judge William Wilkins, the Secretary of War under President John Tyler. Nonetheless, many of its current residents still believe Wilkinsburg is no different today than it was in the 1920's when hooded knights of the Ku Klux Klan cavorted. They say whites still control the town with black “puppet” politicians.

While other cities the size of Pittsburgh has seen a steady growth in gun crime, our gun violence trajectory appears to have exploded. Community activists, politicians and crime experts all have brainstorm strategies for stemming violence. The residents here had hoped for a comprehensive plan of action that would have addressed part of the root causes that lead our neighbors to take up guns. But, the answer given is more of the same. The local politicians have taken a page from the George W. Bush handbook (Madison Avenue to sell our reputation).

We have our three rivers, a beautiful skyline, a romantic culture district, a few of the country’s best hospitals, excellent universities, and the like. But, there's never anything mentioned about our blighted downtown business district, the high unemployment rate of black males, increased gun violence, and the growth of conservative republican complacency.

It's no secret any more that economic conditions for blacks in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities is precarious. Black residents rank low compared to the national average of income, employment, and education. We have chronic problems of gang and drug violence, family breakdowns, soaring incarceration rates for young black males, and abysmally failing public schools. Wilkinsburg residents are, in fact, the best example of the 13 percent of the United States’ (black) population still living chained in by a Bush presidency, with our eyes riveted on the wall of the white media (Madison Avenue) in front of us, where we see nothing but shadows made by powerless leaders hiding behind us.

We could debate endlessly the role of such squeamishness in concealing and exacerbating the problem with race relations in both Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. We could also discuss the minor role played by gangsta rap music. But, what we should consider is how right-wing conservatives, such as Senator Rick Santorum, have convinced so many blacks that shadows from behind (self-indulgent grab for expensive cars, clothes and money of black republican conservatives living in our affluent North Hills neighborhoods) are reality.

Many of the black residents of Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities believe a lot of the Madison Avenue nonsense. They believe things that are just not true. And, the Republicans gets their strength from this.

The bottom line: The root cause of the shooting at the Loews Cineplex is the apparent political cleansing of true democrats from local politics. Gerrymandering and electoral manipulation (just plan “punk ass” democrats) have left the city with zones of endemic poverty, an absence of social services, crumbling infrastructure, and appalling schools. After the radicalized poverty of black America was laid bare in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina almost everyone expected some change from white America. But quickly the Bush administration and the Republican party have lapsed back into policies to further divide America.

In the 1990's white America built prisons to house the disproportionately black inmates it had planned to toss into jail (in the years that followed) to reassure the affluent majority it complacency with race issues. One of every eight black males between 25 and 29 years old is behind bars on any given day according to the Sentencing Project, a nonprofit group that seeks to reduce incarceration rates. If this rate continues, one of three black males born today will be imprisoned at some point in their lifetimes.

A local daily “conservative right” newspaper, “The Pittsburgh Tribune Review” recently feature an article written by Walter Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason University. In the article “Ammunition for Poverty Pimps” Mr. William suggested the Census Bureau’s 2004 current Population Survey found two segments of the black community. One segment suffers only 9.9 percent poverty rate and another suffers 39.5. He surmised that one would be a lunatic if they believed white people practice discrimination. He concluded, among other things, that the only distinction between the two segments was marriage. Adding, “If today’s black family structure were what it was in 1960, the overall black poverty rate would be in or near single digits."

I guess Mr. Williams failed to consider the proof that demonstrates blacks are denied opportunities in forms of employment, education and even human treatment. For example, on October 18, I borrowed a little more than $50 to buy a bus ticket to travel halfway across the state for an oral test given by the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission. I was well dressed in a dark business suit and could have been easily mistaken as a black republican conservative. However, while on the elevator headed for the floor for the testing, a white woman asked me if I was allowed on the floor where the testing was being held. She suggested that because I was black, "I had no business on their elevator." She ordered me off the elevator on a lower floor and said that she would have to call up stairs to let the staff know I was on my way.

Soon thereafter she was advised that I was scheduled for an oral test on the floor I was trying to get to. But, she still refused to compromise. She announced that I wasn't permitted to travel through their office without an escort. Interestingly, it was additionally odd that the State required a monitor to sit in with me during my testing.

Nonetheless, getting back to the LIHEAP issue, the federal entitlement program provides waivers and reduced heating rates to low-income households. It is a federal program that assists those who cannot pay their bills. Eligible households can receive assistance through a direct payment to energy vendors that supply their fuel, or through a crisis component during weather-related emergencies. To be eligible for the program, household income cannot exceed 135 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines: $12,920 for a one-person household; $17,321 for two persons; $21,722 for three persons; $26,123 for four persons; $30,524 for five persons. For larger households, the guidelines increase by $4,401 for each additional person. Homeowners, renters (including those whose rent includes heat), roomers and subsidized housing tenants may be eligible.

I have a good understanding of the program because I was previously employed by Allegheny County as a planner and wrote grant applications for the agency that implements the program. However, in 1989, I was fired in retaliation for organizing a union. The political sub-division said I was terminated for being tardy four times in a four-month period. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission ("PHRC") identified a white female working in the same office as having been tardy 71 times during the same time period and not disciplined. But, the PHRC ruled it was bad management and not discrimination.

Ever since my termination the political-subdivision has found some way to retaliate against my household, i.e., always reaches from any available loophole to frustrate the process and deny my family the federal entitlement. In the past, I have complained to the State, federal government (FBI), courts and media to no avail.

Consider this, when the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan passed through Western Pennsylvania in September 2004, the LIHEAP offered free water heaters and furnaces. Income restrictions were waived allowing the affluent to participate. My family was denied relief because the deed to our house is recorded in our minor son’s name. But, LIHEAP allows renters and other non-homeowners to participate.

The current issue involves Duquense Light Company’s termination of our electric service immediately following the close of last year’s LIHEAP program (March 31, 2005). Although they already had $371 as a security deposit the utility company terminated service and demanded $866.01. And, despite the fact that we didn’t have any electrical service, the next month we received an unexplained bill for almost twice the amount actually due: $1,646.17. Because we are current living on “food stamps” we were forced to go without electric until the start of the 2005-2006 LIHEAP program.

As a “food stamp” participant we received our LIHEAP application early and returned it weeks before the November 7 start. In fact, as we do each year, we contacted Mr. Cornell’s office to advise him of our situation (requested that he process our application to allow the electrical service to be restored on November 7 without a 72-hour wait). Mr. Cornell didn’t respond.

Mrs. Titus, Mr. Cornell's assistant did call on November 7, just before the closing (3:00 p.m.) of her office. She advised our application would be denied - "Duquense Light now demanded $2,600.” To memorialize the outrageous response I requested permission from Mrs. Titus to allow a "three-way" connection with the local media Channel 4). I called Channel 4 because I was given its “gold medal” for outstanding community service in 1989. However, during the three-way conversation Ms. Titus refused to acknowledge her previous position (Duquense Light demand of $2,600). She would only say our family was being denied the federal entitlement. Immediately, I voiced a complaint to Mr. Cornell’s secretary. She suggested that I call Harrisburg (Department of Welfare’s main office). She provided me the number.

Precious Perry answered the Secretary of Welfare’s telephone. She transferred me to Ms. Richman’s chief of staff (Linda Hicks). Mrs. Hicks promised to have Christian Bowser call before five p.m.. But, it never happened. At 9:00 a.m. the next morning (November 8), I called Mr. Cornell’s office and left another message requesting a return call. I also called Mrs. Hicks again and questioned why Mrs. Bowser never called.

This time, Mrs. Hicks promised to have Ms. Bowser call before 11 a.m.. Mrs. Hicks asked us to “call back if Mrs. Bowser failed to call.” It never happened.

I did call Ms. Hicks at 12:00 noon but she rushed me off the phone. She gave me Mrs. Bowser’s telephone number and requested that I call her directly. I called the number but got Mrs. Bowser’s voice mail. I left a message explaining the situation. Mrs. Bowser never called back.

On November 9, 2005, I called Mrs. Hicks again to advise Mrs. Bowser' failure to call. But, Mrs. Hicks quickly rushed me off the phone again. She said that she would no longer address the issue. She said “communicate with Ms. Bowser from that point.”

Thereafter, I called Mrs. Bowser’s and spoke with her secretary. I left another message. Even more frustrated now, I called the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I spoke with Mr. Tom Birdsong. I advised him of our situation and asked if he would investigate the issue in a “confidential” manner. He said that he would forward the information to Larry Walsh. I informed him that in the previous years I have communicated with Mr. Walsh but nothing was done. I even told Mr. Birdsong that I once connected a Post-Gazette columnist, Tony Norman, and allowed him to participated with a three-way telephone call (allowed him opportunity to monitor a call to prove how rude the LIHEAP program staff was acting). Mr. Birdsong said he would have Mr. Walsh call.

At approximately 4:00 p.m., I was finally able to get Mrs. Bowser on the telephone. She laughed at our situation!

After laughing, Mrs. Bowser would only reiterated Mrs. Titus position, “Duquense Light can demand funds that are not owed.” She added, “Mrs. Titus’ position is final.” She said she would have Mrs. Titus send us a rejection letter.

Immediately, I called Mr. Birdsong. But, he became rude. The conversation concluded with Mr. Birdsong saying “No one is going to write about your family’s plight.”

50 cents, during an interview on ABC’s “The View,” said he was saddened by the fatal shooting: “I feel for the victim’s family in this situation.” He added, “But you know, these weren’t kids. This was a 30-year-old man (who) had a dispute with three other guys.”

I’m older than 30. But, what is rage? How come I’m able to control my anger? Would I have controlled my anger if one of my family members was hit by a stray bullet during the shootout?

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Talk about obsessive... I can't believe that people would have tattoos of this guy. He isn't that great. I'm glad he doesn't want to be a role model, he shouldn't be one. I also can't believe that a 12 year old would listen to that shit. All you who are white, and believe me I can tell who is, act white. I don't even understand why black people talk like that. But seriously people, stop being lazy and speak correctly, talking in slangs isn't cool. Oh and by the way, it isn't like 50 Cent is reading these postings, so stop posting your emails and phone numbers, unless you want some psycho to stalk and harass you.

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I'm not gonna sit here and beg and plead cuz dats not what i do cuz ur probably not gonna get the chance to read this anyway even if so i still don't beg i'm not tryin to catch attiude dats jus how i am and all i want to say is i like (love)lloyd banks i love him he's cute,cool, and he likes smokin.I'm not in love with him i don't even know him the way i would like to know him.if you could,can you give him this e-mail 4 me and tell him a girl from dat 973 area said wut da deal is. thanxs

Hey;Omfg yu dont understand how effin happie im goin to be if yu get to read thses and add me on msn;; like 50 curtis jackson u dont understand how iin love ii am with yu my room is a collage of yu;; ii wear all ur clothes ii hvae ur movie ur book ur cd's everythinn im madly in love with yu;; i stick up fer yew and ur my hero i look up to yu .So Cud yu please add me like u dont even kno when i found this site i was soo happie like i cried litterally cried. And when ii seen ur movie and u got shot yo ii cried soo hard yu wudnt believe so please add mee ii effin love yu ;; ii have a new one too with yu in it but i always add epople on here first before mii new one iight Love yu curtis jackson..ur mii IDOL ;; Babyy ii Loveee yu !!!(K)

Hey;Omfg yu dont understand how effin happie im goin to be if yu get to read thses and add me on msn;; like 50 curtis jackson u dont understand how iin love ii am with yu my room is a collage of yu;; ii wear all ur clothes ii hvae ur movie ur book ur cd's everythinn im madly in love with yu;; i stick up fer yew and ur my hero i look up to yu .So Cud yu please add me like u dont even kno when i found this site i was soo happie like i cried litterally cried. And when ii seen ur movie and u got shot yo ii cried soo hard yu wudnt believe so please add mee ii effin love yu ;; ii have a new one too with yu in it but i always add epople on here first before mii new one iight Love yu curtis jackson..ur mii IDOL ;; Babyy ii Loveee yu !!!(K)

omg if this is 50cent than i would love to talk i no u hear this all the time but my i love u so much that is ant funny well i bet u got i lot more o this to rite bak to but i would love to hear from u mwah ur biggest fan steph

heyy 50 ur like the best thing that evea happened to this earth u have been my number 1 since 4 eva and i relly hope to meet u 1 day n if u eva would like ta talk just add or e-mail to any wayzz i love u 4 life bi stef

man i love u so much e-mail me bak on steph94_50cent@hotmail.complzzzzzz!!!

hye luv u man yr d best there is and the best there ever will be u rock. luv to meet u one day yr sngs r kick ass man
my email id is

Oh my god listen to yourselves your a bunch of twats. You dont know shit about 50 cent and you all think hes the greatest guy in the world. Whats up with leaving your numbers? He aint gonna call you. And your emails? Wake up to reality your not gonna wake up one day and suddenly discover you have an email off this 50 pence moron.



50 Cent is the man, he may have had troubles in life but in respect to his music he he an hard act to follow. 50 cent ur the man.

yo homiez just give 50 a chance to breathe...yo 50 im just wonderin if ya get dis just email me at just gotta say how'd did ya get a record deal so succesful i wanna record deal ya know wat i mean mayne but i got no chance coz no one will give me chance,,,get at me at my email and ill send ya some of my text rap....PEACE B>D

What's up Mr. Jackson? My name is Keshia and I love evrything that u have done. You are a wonderful person. I am 25 years old and my birthday is also in July on the 22nd. I want to be a model but every open call that I go to they tell me I am to short. I am 5'1 around 125 lbs and think since plus size, and tall women can model why can't short women? I just want someone to give me chance at my dream. I take wonderful pictures. I also wear G-Unit for women and Baby Phat. That is the only brand of clothes I wear.I hope you can find it in your heart to look out for a fan and a person who has big dreams to become someone in this world. I want to make a difference like you. Hit me back if you really get this at I would leave my number but alot of people can read this.

Yo 50 wassup gangster u rock u r the best in the world could you please email me at
thanks homie peace out

Even though fifty will never read this I want to say you got a good heart and it's hard to find that in rappers I think you changed the game and I would love to see you do more songs... The game is obsessed with you fifty and I'm glad you made up and all but I would keep a third eye on dat nig#a. Thanx fifty.luv 4 life(

Even though you may not ever read this, I think you got a good heart more of a heart than every ni$#a I have met, seen, or read about. Far as the game go I think he's obsessed with you. I'm glad ya'll made up and everything but at the same time I'll keep a third eye on da nig#@a. You doing it BI I don't see da game shooting videos in Europe. Take over the world 50, You almost there.

50 cent is da best can you please email me back cause i am you numba 1 fan my email is

yh yh 50 cent email me to i am makin trackz soon and i want some advice u our my #1 best rapper in da WORLD i want to meet u one day and become in your gang G-Unit so please can u contact me

Yo its ya boi DjW, im tha leader of

HI Big daddy I live in Stoughton, Wisconsin if you ever get the chance call me at 8772571

Yo 50 wat up nigga dis is yo boy
E-Dub representin NA wat it do. Man u r the illest rapper out there i own like all ur cds and shit. Yo u come round Mass near boston u give me a holla iight nigga 1 508 409 9864. peace man.

Yo 50 wat up dis is yo boy E-Dub reppin NA. U da best rapper out there right now man ur shit is crazy. i write raps too im tryin shit out right now uk how it is to b a poor kid from the bad side of town man. im 17 yo let it b known E-Dub comin soon. u eva in Mass round Boston give me a holla igght nigga 1 508 409 9864.

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