Breathe in for luck

Apologies to readers of this blog for the tardy updating. [Tardy: Tardis: Doctor Who: I wish I had a time machine.] I plead the usual excuses: work, work, and work. Or, to be more specific, I've dedicated the first three months at work (June, July, August) to adjusting to being part of the workforce, which has consequently meant a reduction in time spent on expositing my thoughts to the world. It is nice having some spending power though, after 2.5 years of receiving a pittance - bought a Canon Powershot S45 digital camera, for my first foray into digital photography. Still, at least in sunlight, I think my Lomo takes much more interesting shots. I don't even have time to surf for random things like I used to, although Friendster is a lovely procrastination tool (the fake Friendster profiles are the funniest: try searching for FirstName: hotasians Last Name: hotasians and then click through all of her friends). And of course, there's been love. Ah. Those who know me enough know the details, and those who don't don't need to know.

I have, of course, been increasing my collection of DVDs, thanks to some stuff purchased off Amazon (why are region 3 DVDs so weak in terms of extras? And so many films aren't available in code 3 anyway, and DVDs are so much more expensive here than in the US anyway... so in the end everything gets shipped). So now I have some Eric Romet films on DVD, finally. And as for what I'm listening to - Dashboard Confessional keeps repeating and shouting in my ear...


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