Yes, yes, I woke up and a kidney was gone.

Urban legends really bother me. Or rather, people who have the credulity to accept urban legends without looking them up really bother me. does a very good job of thoroughly investigating these stories. Especially "inspirational" stories that claim to be true. I received a magazine today that repeated the (untrue) story of the Seattle Special Olympics and how one boy supposedly fell down and the rest stopped, linked arms, and walked to the finish line together. (The real story, apparently, is that there was a track and field event in Spokane in 1976, and one competitor fell down, and one or two people went back to help him.) A mawkish story, and, as some have pointed out, a story that's actually quite insulting and demeaning to the Special Olympics participants. Yeah, I'm a skeptic by nature...

I like the kind of person who actually bothers to call to verify these stories.


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