And I wonder / I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder

Random things:

Here's a photo of the new family dog, to break up all the text.

He's my brother's dog, really, but he has everyone's attention. His name's Rerun. Named for Linus and Lucy's younger brother in Peanuts, not Fred Berry's character in What's Happening!! or the concept of repeating an old episode of a TV show.


Notice how hard I had to work to avoid completely collapsing into baby talk in talking about Rerun? Control, control.


The link to the Spotted Wobbegong Shark page on the left is because I'm entranced by that story of the snorkeller who got bit by a Wobbegong Shark and drove for help WITH THE SHARK STILL ATTACHED. That and Wobbegong is a really cute-sounding word.

Poor shark though, it was only expressing its innate Sharkness.


She's broke, but it's oke.


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