The quality of service is strained

Wow, just called FedEx Singapore to try to send a letter overnight to the US and had to listen to a completely inept telephone person. It's not that he didn't answer my questions, but basically he couldn't seem to comprehend that I'm pretty much a newbie to FedEx and didn't know their procedures. Hence such scintillating exchanges as:
FedEx Man: "Will you be using your own envelopes or FedEx ones?"
Me: "Is there a difference?"
FedEx Man: "Price difference."
Me: "Huh?"
FedEx Man: "Price difference."
Me: "Okay, which one is cheaper?"
FedEx Man: "Of course FedEx will be cheaper."
It wasn't surly, but it sure wasn't friendly. Please. "Of course"? How was I to know? And since I had told him that I needed it there by the next day, he could have offered that I could go to a FedEx authorised center instead of sticking to trying to arrange a pickup. Which in itself was fairly pathetic:
Me: "I'd like to schedule a pickup"
FedEx Man: "Okay, what's your name?"
Me: "Daryl."
FedEx Man: "Okay."
Me: "Don't you need my last name?"
FedEx Man: "Okay, what's your last name?"
Sigh. Customer service in Singapore has a long, long way to go. Look, I'm not a regular FedEx user, and it would be useful if the man sounded like he wanted to help me get my documents where and when I wanted, instead of just giving short responses to my questions. Oh well. I went on to use UPS.


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