Pirates of the Caribbean III and Singapore

Pirates of the Caribbean III - At World's End

When my Jamaican cousins visited last year, they showed me their pics of the Caribbean and of the beautiful scenery of the islands, including where Pirates of the Caribbean I and II were shot. So one wonders where the "Singapore" scenes in Pirates III (with Chow Yun-Fat as Sao Feng, the "Pirate Lord of Singapore") were really shot...
This will be much more of an Asian influence and taking place in Singapore. Chow Yun-Fat will be an old friend of Johnny Depp. (Gore Verbinski, on Pirates III - admittedly this entire interview sounds like it was translated somehow, since even "Mousehunt" gets renamed "Mouse Trap")
Of course, there's historical inaccuracy in calling a place "Singapore" even before this place got that name (I presume Pirates is set around the 18th century, pre-Raffles). But hey, it was nice even just hearing the Depp reference to Singapore in the first movie, let alone setting entire scenes in a fictionalised version of this country.

I presume Singapore will be a rough-and-ready pirate haven in the film, which would make an interesting change from the super-efficient squeaky-clean image. (And not necessarily very far off from Singapore's early days, as a visit to the superbly renovated National Museum reminded me. Or are they going to show Jack Sparrow getting fined for spitting?) And if even the boorish portrayal of Kazakhstan in Borat can boost people wanting to know more about the country, I'm not going to complain about the depiction of this fair island.


Anonymous said…
I took a trip on a sailing ship
and when I reached Jamaica I made a stop.
Ivan Chew said…
One time, I was asked by a foreigner if it was true that Singapore really ravaged the women first and then asked questions later. The person who asked me this had watched the first movie where Depp uttered those lines I think. My first thought was, "You can't be serious" but I answered the question anyway -- politely :)

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