Bhutto assassinated

Pretty shocking news. My memory of Benazir Bhutto was watching her deliver a lecture at the JFK School of Government and her fielding (fairly ably) a barrage of questions on her finances. That, and when I was at the Harvard Crimson, we always had to remember to put in her year of graduation and her Crimson editor status in any news report about her (since she was a fellow Crimson editor - sports desk, if I recall correctly - hockey fan). Assassination news is always shocking, and for some reason even more so when you've seen the person in question.


Anonymous said…
I can’t believe that she was assassinated by a 15-year-old! What a shock! This is a crazy part of the world, and we are going to have to reassess our handling of such situations. I have spoken with several people from the middle east, and they all say that she was assassinated because it would be a major blow to the Americans. What are we doing wrong?

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