In view of recent news events, a public service announcement:
When you mix eggs together
Remember the hot weather
Don't leave the cream out to stand
And don't forget to wash your hands

Now don't try to be too clever
Know that we still have bacteria
You can get salmonella (ella ella eh eh)
On the one hand, I recognise that those are terrible lyrics. On the other hand, the original ain't Shakespeare either:
You're part of my entity
Here for infinity
"Part of my entity"? Apparently Rihanna just acquired someone through a merger.


Anonymous said…
Heh. :)
Anonymous said…
I know you've posted about this before, but I think the "triteness" works to the song's advantage. It's definitely not deep, and Rihanna's not a very good singer but it all works somehow. The song on the whole is something that's more than the sum of its parts.

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