Back from Thailand

After a nice loooong break in Thailand (including such demanding tasks as sitting in a pool and surfing the Net at the same time), it's back to Singapore, whereupon I launched straight into the human crowd surfing that was the IT Show and emerged with RAM, flash drives, and other geeky accoutrements...
  • Street Fighter: the Later Years amused me on my iPod while I was on holiday, and brought back all those hours spent in the arcade. Ah, wasted youth.
  • Meanwhile, the NY Times reviews May Pang's Instamatic Karma, a photographic record of the years Lennon spent with his non-Ono Asian love. (I just wrote that sentence to have a means of using the phrase "non-Ono". Which, punctuation aside, is spelt exactly the same way as "No, No, No", the great Dawn Penn reggae hit. Is there a word for two words/phrases that are spelt the same way but distinguished by punctuation? Such as the way "resign" and "re-sign" are very different words.)


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