The iPhone is digital crack

The iPhone is digital crack. Picked up my iPhone last Sunday when I received a surprise SMS from Singtel saying that I could pick it up earlier than my reservation... I actually had a reservation for Friday at 12 midnight, and went down, but decided that discretion, or at least sleep, was the better part of valour and went off at 2am, resigning myself to a late pickup and another long queue, but the Sunday-night (3rd day) queue was surprisingly short.

And yes, it's addictive. And very useful, I have to say, to be able to check restaurant numbers on the go. And the keypad, despite its lack of tactile feedback, is surprisingly good at guessing what you really mean (e.g. I can type "girsd" and it comes out as "guess"). Seems like this would be useful for regular word-processing software...

My only real gripe is that the earphones they give you have the standard Apple buds, which are totally not snug in the ear and keep letting sound in. So am attempting to buy nice in-ear phones, perhaps like the V-Moda Vibe Duo or an adapter for my existing earphones - whereupon I have learnt that the sales staff in Singapore (or at least a couple of shops) are horribly ill-equipped at understanding the concept that iPhones need special earphones with a mike that you can pause during a call. It's extremely frustrating to explain accessories to people who are selling those very accessories. No, I don't want an adaptor for the headphone jack, the iPhone 3G doesn't need one. No, I don't want regular headphones.

I found a pair of Griffin Tunebuds Mobile at a store which I won't name, but was so turned off by the fact that the service guy didn't understand me and that I had to find it myself that I decided I didn't want to give them any commission. So the search continues


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