iPhone 3.0 OS

Yes, I downloaded the new iPhone OS last night in a fit of insomnia. The big changes - Voice Memo, cut/copy/paste, tethering - are great: much needed, and much-talked about.

But I also like the small touches. Stocks in landscape mode looks great, and actually gives the full name of the company. And then there are those nice small touches that weren't announced. When you play podcasts, for example, there's the option to listen to them at double-speed, which is helpful for getting through more information, and there's a button to simply rewind 30 seconds, so you can catch what you missed. (Still wish podcasts don't go to Cover Flow in landscape mode - that makes no sense to me.)

And now MLB At Bat for the iPhone has live video. Not a part of the OS, of course, but perhaps the best App ever - really shows off the iPhone's powers.


恒温恒湿 said…
All roads lead to Rome.

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