If the unexamined life is not worth living, then why the hell are there so many people walking about?

Like I said previously, perhaps one of the best things about the end of the dot-com (never ever "dot.com", which is garish) dream will be the demise of the "@" sign as a substitute for the word "at". Companies that used the @ always seemed a bit like a dad who talks about Michael Jackson (or Marilyn Manson?) in an effort to show he's "with it" - trying too hard, and too behind the times. Farewell, and good riddance.

Anyway, on to more serious topics. I was thinking about how despite the posthumous canonisation of John Lennon, the unbridled id of Lennon wasn't the sole talent in the Fab Four. How does anyone deal with his solo work? I know "Imagine" moves lots of people, but I find it a tune of maudlin sentimentality. And that's the best of the Lennon solo canon? I think the maudlin is what I rail against most in music. (Apropros aside: Celine Dion Must Retire For Real.) But does time wash over maudlin tunes, coating them with a veneer of camp? I see Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me" as a supercamp classic, but maybe in its time it was merely execrable, without the redeeming quality of being over the top. Hmm.


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