Funny quote from Timothy Noah over at Slate:
But Krugman isn't a leftist--just read the columns he writes on economics--so much as a liberal who really, really hates George W. Bush.

Which is probably true. It's been fascinating watching the transformation of Krugman from one of the premier trade economists1 to the anti-Bush columnist. Especially because the stance seems to have arisen organically: it feels like Krugman wasn't hired to be the anti-Bush writer on the NYT staff, but he got more and more appalled by the Bush administration, particularly - in true academic/economist fashion? - when the seeming weight of evidence didn't seem to cause the administration to change its position one bit.

1I remember reading Peddling Prosperity in both junior college (the Singaporean equivalent of high school) and in college, and Krugman does a very good job of demolishing those against free trade.


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