If on a Winter's Night a Traveller

Right. I leave for London in a couple of days, and then I'm off to Montreal, and after that I have army reservist commitments. So - what with work and spending time with the Girlfriend - this blog is likely to be on winter break till about a month's time. But you can leave suggestions on what to do in Montreal in the comments (yes, all comments get e-mailed to me).

Meanwhile, here's some entertainment to keep y'all occupied:

Oh, and I was in the library today picking up a guide to Montreal, and I read the children's book Olive the Other Reindeer, about a dog named Olive who hears "Olive the other reindeer" in the Christmas song and becomes convinced she's a reindeer. Very endearing.

And what are reindeer games? Are they more like reindeer Monopoly, or more like reindeer Truth or Dare?


Anonymous said…
have fun in london and montreal! if you're in montreal, go shopping and its like underground, just like toronto (all my housemates swear by shopping in montreal), see the casino, watch ice hockey and visit all the euro-pish places. bon voyage!
Anonymous said…
Yes!! Olive the Other Reindeer is a great book!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I love Montreal! Spent a week there earlier this year. I'd recommend the Jean Talon markets. It's a little less touristy than other spots (i.e. less people speak English). Mont Royal is also good for a day out. hm, might be a little chilly for that this time of the year though.
Elia Diodati said…
I love Mondegreen stories.
Canada = hockey country. Not that I've never actually, you know, BEEN to Canada, but that's totally what I'd do.

Because unfortunately, Americans know nothing about Canada so that's all the advice I can give. It's like asking, "What do you know about that one quiet girl with the glasses who just sits in homeroom and never talks to anyone?"

"Um, she likes reading, maybe?"

P.S. Oh I forgot to say - have fun!
mini said…
how about a day trip to quebec city? it's really quaint! less city-like than montreal. going to be cold though brrrrrr :)

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