The life as Photoshopped

I remember being intrigued by the Wired story about Friends Beyond the Wall, the company that Photoshops pictures so that prison inmates can look like they have spent time with their loved ones. Which I can see - it must make it easier for their loved ones to have a photo they can display on their office desk, for instance. But then in doing a Google Image Search, I found Famous Friends, which basically lets you pretend you've hung out with celebrities, which I thought was a bit ridiculous:
Just imagine that look on your father's face on Fathers Day when he see himself in the England 1966 world cup team photograph next to his heroes. This is just one example of a gift money shouldn't be able to buy.
Actually, I could see a dad going, "#$@%, I hung out with Hurst and Stiles and I can't even remember it? Good Lord, I'm going senile!"


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