Bonnie li'l Bonn

Bonn is pretty much how I remember it - a quiet, sleepy little town, although this time I'm staying in the outskirts, which makes it even quieter and even sleepier. Had a nice meal at Tao Restaurant on Sunday, and then kept trying to figure out in my head how to say "check, please" in German.


Incidentally, the Nena count:

Days in Germany - 3
Times "99 Luftballons" heard - 2


Anonymous said…
My equivalent is going to Canada and hearing the Arcade Fire on the radio.

Although I think you've done a post on that as well.
Anonymous said…
It's "Zahlen, bitte".

I was supposed to go on the same trip as you but my boss refused to let me. Boo hoo.

I like Bonn. Nice little city. Give the cemetry a visit if you can.

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