Leaving Bonn

View of the Rhine

Ah, Bonn - how fast the two weeks flew by. And more schinitzel and pork knuckles than you can swing a haxe (multilingual pun there) at.

Here's a photo of the Rhein (okay, Rhine) from the one night I stayed in Koenigswinter, the neighbouring town. Last night I walked by the banks of the river by the UN compound here, and went in to touch the water and watched an otter swim by. There was something very calm and peaceful, almost therapeutic, about that. I'm seeing the Girlfriend's point about Europe more and more.

And am now writing this from the airport on my laptop while waiting for the plane. Ah, modern technology.


Anonymous said…
It is, isn't it. There is something just indescribably beautiful about this part of the world.

So what the bloody hell are you doing over there? (I'm paraphrasing an Australian tourism ad, not swearing on your blog. But the sentiment remains - venez ici.)

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