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Met up with some fellow bloggers - including old friends Kin Mun, Adrianna, and Adrian - at a dinner thing with Richard Edelman tonight (talking about concepts such as the horizontal peer to peer conversation). 'Twas just nice to emerge out of my work burrow for some blog-related stuff, if only for an evening. And 'twas nice to catch up with Kin Mun and see his spankin' new studio. (A koan: what is the sound of one hand clapping? I don't know, but it has much less echo in a soundproof studio.)

And while I admit I almost never talk about the so-called Singaporean blogosphere, I do know that Mr Miyagi has left the Mr Brown show, and it was nice of him to throw in a credit to me for the "Zhng My Car" concept in his post about leaving. (I must stress the scripts and everything else were solely theirs, and I should note that "Zhng My Car" arose out of some goofiness with my friends.)
As for the very popular character ‘Johnny’, played inimitably by Kin Mun, credit is due to our friend Daryl Sng, who, on a pub outing with us, said, ‘eh, you know it would be very funny to have a Singaporean version of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, called ‘Zhng My Car'’, or something. I paraphrase, but you know what I mean lah.
One minor corrigendum though - perhaps 'twas to hide the innate geekiness of it, but we were most certainly not on a pub outing when we had the conversation. We were in the (confession time) Sim Lim Square basement carpark after spending a couple of hours looking at computer parts.


Anonymous said…
Mr Brown you've got a lovely Honda
Cars as zhnged as that are somethin' rare
It couldn't ever look much grander
With a glorious speed that's beyond compare

This kind of car die die also cannot buy
High performance engine that will make you cry
It was so lau pok how you zhng so well
Where you get the money, must come from hell

Cruisin' about, even in a jam, well
You'll pick it out, makes a beng feel so proud

If those guys come round to see you (round to see you)
Tell them that the car's damn powderful and good as new (good as new)
Don't sell it, do that it'll break your heart
Even they go on their knees don't with it part ...
omg you met richard edelman?? jealousy bubbles. i'm taking a pr class and interning for a pr firm and half the time all i hear is ketchum this, edelman that.

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