The Office, worldwide

Slate had a fascinating comparison of what different countries' versions of "The Office" reflect about work (and general) culture. (And yes, I do love "The Office".) What would a Singaporean version look like, I wonder?


Anonymous said…
Ooh, I got work to do, I got work baby
I got a job yeah I got work to do ...
Anonymous said…
Sigh. This haze is getting to me. Excuse me while I hijack your blog to vent my feelings.
Anonymous said…
Goodbye clear blue sky
Though we never see you anymore
We hope you've not forgotten
to come back to Singapore
The fires won't stop burning
And no matter how hard we try
It seems we're edging closer
to one thousand PSI

And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind
Never staying a moment longer
when the haze set in
And your memory will always haunt us
when the CD sirens wail
Your candles burned out long before
our lungs completely fail ....
Anonymous said…
Every time we go out
we see it we smell it
That is how we know it goes on.

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
It has come to show it goes on

Near, far, wherever we are
We can see that the haze just goes on
Once more we close all our doors
But it still oozes in
And we know it'll go on and on.

Asthma comes just one time
And lasts for a lifetime
And never goes till we're gone

The haze should blow to Java
SBY & Yusuf Kalla
Then they'll know just what's goin' on ...

It's here, that's just what we fear
And we know that the haze will go on
It'll stay forever this way
till the northeast monsoon comes
till then, it goes on and on.

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