By the way - while this is hardly anywhere near a food blog - Buono, the new Italian place in Lichfield Road, is excellent, and worth the trek to the Serangoon Gardens area. Still thinking about their seafood soup. Almost like a fine wine, in that it had such a complex interplay of flavours.


Anonymous said…
Hi, glad you went to Buono Pizza Bar, I was there just last night (Wed), were you too? It was a buffet special ..if you talk to Salvo (the owner), tell him you heard about his place from Cindy :P
Daryl said…
Oh - I was there on Saturday, and did get a chance to talk to Salvo! But if I talk to him next time and mention your name do I get extra-big portions or something? :)
Anonymous said…
lol you might! Did you find the place warm, they still haven't fixed up the aircon but I hope they do it soon :P

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