Linksfest: Throw it out of the window

Man, I can't believe Melinda Doolittle got kicked off "American Idol". With Jennifer Hudson, she was probably the best singer that the show had seen. Hearing any rendition of "I Am Woman", I must say, always makes me think of the Muppet Show episode where Miss Piggy bursts into Raquel Welch's version of the song and starts singing "I am wopig... W-O-P-I-G".

Anyway, some more fatuous links, thinking about childhood:
  • Ah, I suddenly recalled that old "throw it out of the window" song that I always found fun as a kid.
  • The Village Voice article on the Night of a Thousand Stevies made me think, only in cities with a big enough population would you get something like this. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.
  • Busy lives prompt speedier games - i.e. quick-playing Scrabble variants. I'm not so sure about that "busy lives" hypothesis - I played the game the article calls Grab Scrabble and that I always knew as Snatch all the way back in Primary 6, and I doubt at the age of 12 my schedule was particularly packed. But I'll be quite happy to pay Snatch or another one of my favourites, Take Two, anytime.

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