Day 1 in New York

The Chrysler Building

The last film I watched aboard the plane before I landed at JFK was 25th Hour, essentially Spike Lee's paean to New York City. And it was a nice lead-in to returning to NYC - it is very good to be back in the city. Had a meal at Goodburger (the natural instinct to find top-notch food for carnivores in whatever city I land in still remains intact, I'm glad to say), and then watched the Columbia University Film Festival, since my friend Soman's film was being screened. Very impressive, polished stuff from all the films.

Ah, the glories of a rest day. Now that my body is adequately adjusted to New York time, it's on to proper work.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe there's a real place called Good Burger.

Did it open before or after the movie was released? Or is it a Bubba Gump type of situation?

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