Noir et Blanc

So we were trying to come up with good names for clubs over drinks tonight. My favourites: Snog; Coup D'etat; Veto. My favourite names of real clubs (regardless of actual quality)? Bed (Sheffield); Bungalow 8 (New York); Cream (Liverpool); Embargo (Singapore); Fabric (London); Pacha (Ibiza); Zouk (Singapore). Not that you need that great a name to be influential - the Paradise Garage is the mother club of lots of dance music, but as a name I would say it's only above-average. But then, it did give its name to garage music... so what do I know? I think I could open a bar called Pushkin...

Imaginary track listing for my imaginary band, the Mentally Aborted EP
1. Veni Veni Veni
2. Fly American
3. Sinister
4. 29 Down
5. All the Young Dudes

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