You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)

Just watched Punch-Drunk Love, which I found captivating - the weird flat quality of L.A. light seems to come through very nicely in the film. I really liked the moment where Barry (Adam Sandler) meets Lena (Emily Watson) in the Hawaii hotel and her leg just automatically lifts up - it's the moment on the film poster. Why do women's legs do that upon kissing? Answers on a postcard.

While waiting for the show I popped into HMV and got me a copy of the White Stripes' Elephant. It's got bass! Dang. Good stuff, more like De Stijl than White Blood Cells with its huge amount of bluesy stuff and the presence of a cover song. I really like "Well It's True That We Love Each Other", that final song with Jack and Meg and Holly Golightly singing - nice little banter going on. But nothing really grabbed my gut the way "Fell in Love With a Girl" or "Hotel Yorba" did the first time I heard them.... maybe it needs listen #2. Meg White remains superhot: that pic of her in CMJ's New Music Monthly? Phwoarr.


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