Lost in Translation

Just got back from a trip, where I stopped over in Tokyo. In some ways, to my admittedly naive mind, Narita Airport seems quintessentially Japanese - you're greeted by a flood of brand names: Hermes, Coach, Burberry... the thing about Narita though is, it's really neat and clean but some of the more basic things seem omitted. For one, it would be nice to have carts to push carry-on luggage in. I know, it's supposed to be light since it's carry-on luggage, but a laptop bag strapped onto a shoulder can weigh you down like a mofo when you're walking around. And I know it's a tiny thing, but it would be nice if the screens showing arrivals and departures also showed Tokyo time, because Lord knows it's really discombobulating to land and not know what time it is and how much time one has to mill.

Is it right to judge places and read into their character by their airports? Because I've got a really good impression of Minneapolis...


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