Blogger Update - Issues

Astute readers of this blog (are there any other kind?) will note that it has adopted some new Blogger features, most noticeably the new Blogger comments system rather than blogkomm. Beyond my initial excitement, here's my comments on the changes:

  1. I hate going "Back to Dashboard" to switch between the blogs I'm editing, when previously there was that neat little drop-down menu in the top right.

  2. As noted before, you can't comment on my old posts because there doesn't seem to be a way to enable comments on old posts other than going through them one by one.

  3. I'm finicky, but I changed the comments number to read "comment(s)" in case there's just one comment.

  4. The Blogger site's Known Issues notes that they have the problem of hitting the back button and seeing the same post after successfully posting. I hope if they fix this they don't go back to what old Blogger used to do to me, that is, if I hit "publish" but my publish wasn't successful, I would lose the data and couldn't hit back to reclaim it.

  5. As Diamond Geezer notes, all the dates for "edit posts" are now American (5/11/2004 for 11 May, 2004). I can live with "May 11, 2004" but it just looks odd when I see it in numbers.

  6. Okay, I can't figure this out: why is it that this blog has a perfectly good archive index, but Blogger won't even let me edit the archive index file on my other blogs?

    Edit: ooh, I figured out a good kluge for this. Just add "index" after "template_edit" in the URL for editing your template, so that


    and voila! an archive index appears. Missing archive index found!


Anonymous said…
Nah - give you one comment! Since you were so kind to leave me one on mine...

Richi Jennings said…
Neat tip, thanks. Manual trackback:
Rich Gautier said…
I soooooooo wished this workaround still worked - but it doesn't. I had my archive template taken away when I edited my main template. And it screwed up everything. To do inline Archives, you have to republish your ENTIRE blog just to update the old links with the new dates....sigh

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