Belle and Sebastian and ABBA

A quote from Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian:
I was on a long-distance flight the other day, and I was flicking through the stuff that they had to listen to, and I put on ABBA, which I hadn't heard in a while. ABBA always amazes me. I was actually trying to break it down, because I know all this stuff now. I can hear every instrument, and I can almost see it in three dimensions and feel the way they've done it. But at the same time, you just shut your eyes and it's an amazing sound. (Link)
I'm just trying to imagine the Belle and Sebastian version of "Waterloo".


Anonymous said…
Eep. Of all bands to mess with covering perfection, Belle & Sebastian are one of the dullest possible contenders I could think of. I don't think that hypothetical cover version could have anything to offer beyond novelty value. But props to him at least for giving props to ABBA. :)

(No, I'm not going to the Kings of Convenience gig. Did you guess?)

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