Trouble Man

Those of you who know me may know that for all my indie-rock / house / hip-hop music DJing experience, the music I go back to is soul music: Motown, Stax, Atlantic, that sort of thing. (And if anyone wants to give me a soul/funk DJing gig, just leave a comment...) So it intrigued me to learn that they're doing a new movie based on the last years of Marvin Gaye - I just read Trouble Man, Steve Turner's excellent biography of Gaye, and the last three years are a really tumultuous, sad period. And I can definitely see some resemblance between Jesse L. Martin and Gaye. But can Detective Ed Green hit that incredible falsetto? I vaguely remember Martin doing some sort of piano sequence as Dr Greg Butters in "Ally McBeal".


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unrelated, but thought you might be interested in this


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