Sunday, 23 April 2006


Had lunch at √úberburger at Millen(n)ia Walk today in the continuation of my quest to find Singapore's best burgers. (Aside: it aggravates me no end that "millennia" is spelt wrongly in that building's name.) And it did live up to the hype - the sirloin burger I had was appropriately juicy, with judicious use of sea salt and hints of garlic. I suppose we're 3 years behind the New York trend of gourmet burger places, but I'm just happy for more quality burger options.

All in all, good stuff (and the side of mushrooms I had was delicious), but I'm still waiting for burgers as good (and as cheap for their quality) as those at Bartley's to hit these shores. I was kind of surprised, though, that the only choices they gave me were medium and well-done. I know burgers are mincemeat and one thus has to be appropriately circumspect about how to prepare them, but I do like a bit of pink/red in my burger.

And no, I didn't have the $101 burger. Not that I'm that taken aback by the idea of a 3-digit burger price - not since reading about Daniel Bouloud's $59 foie gras burger - but well, I need more convincing (and a special occasion, I suppose). Foie gras in a burger I can appreciate. But wagyu beef doesn't strike me as actually good burger meat - given how tender and delicate it can be, would it actually make for good texture for a patty?

√úberburger menu (in PDF format)

I'll stick with Burger King ;)

Have you tried Blooies at Jln Tua Kong at Siglap? I personally think they have one of the best burgers in Singapore at rather affordable prices. I just came back from a meal there. Burp.

Marina - I ate at Burger King a couple days back :)

Randy - Yup, Blooies is near my place - good stuff.

It also aggravates me to no end that the LTA is perpetuating the error by naming the future Circle Line MRT station there Millenia (I hope it's a conscious hands-bound decision to follow a landmark's name, rather than another ignorant error). Now the misspelling will be reaching an even wider audience, foreign visitors and locals, via public transport guides.

I haven't tried Uberburger because I don't particularly want a fancypants burger. I want something simple, greasy, good, that wouldn't cost me more than $5 in the US (though I accept that I'd probably have to pay more for it here). Blooie's burgers don't quite do it for me, either. Brewerkz, maybe.

My own chronicle of the hunt for the Good American Burger in Singapore.

sonic - as I understand it, "Millenia" was the working name - the final name will be Promenade.So that helps.

Tym - yes, it's a quest innit? Brewerkz when good is good but I find it can be a bit inconsistent...

honestly, i thought uberburger was quite the disappointment. i give it a year, tops. the steak sandwich at marmalade pantry is a better attempt at a "gourmet burger." more streamlined decor too. those robin day chairs... ugh.

ultimately, i'll stick with homemade burgers "panfried" in an iron skillet. keeps the juices in. drool...

I'm not entirely sure, but the mispelling may have been intentional to secure a trademark over the name.

Actually i think the reason for dropping one letter was so that the word would have the lucky 8 number of letters in the name! but being able to trademark it ain't bad either..

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