Here and Now Monopoly

Hasbro has announced that it is revamping the original American version of Monopoly, and moving the streets out of Atlantic City:
Hasbro has announced plans to update the game to a "here and now" version, raising rents and letting the public vote on streets, neighborhoods and national monuments to fill the 22 properties on the board. And Atlantic City is not among the choices.
I'm not as attached to the Atlantic City streets - I grew up playing the London edition, so I think of Mayfair as the $400 slot, and Old Kent Road/Whitechapel Road as the cheap properties - but personally, I've always liked the one-city versions, instead of these weird patched-together collection of locations (or the Star Wars and other 'special' editions).

Anyway, this is a good occasion for one of my favourite Simpsons quotes:
Burns: [menacing] I want that oil well. I've got a monopoly to maintain! I own the electric company, and the water works - plus the hotel on Baltic Avenue!
Skinner: That hotel's a dump and your monopoly's pathetic! (Link)
Speaking of monopolists, here's Forbes' projection of Mr Burns' wealth, including the hotel on Baltic Avenue as well as their "Fictional 15" richest fictional characters (drop-offs from the list: J.R. Ewing, Jay Gatsby).


A couple years ago I begged my cousin to bring me the Singapore edition when he visited (my way of trying not to feel disconnected), and now I just kinda wish I had the original NY standard issue.
*And when I type NY, I really mean NJ. Sorry, I have NY on the mind lately (roadtrip!).
Daryl said…
Ah, yes, I have the Singapore edition as well - Queen Astrid Park at $400. And of course I had no idea where Queen Astrid Park was first time I played it.

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