Yakult bonding

Went downstairs to grab some Yakult from the fridge and took the occasion to shoot the breeze with Mum. Turns out Mum is the only person I know who likes the orange Yakult. Last week at the supermarket, I noticed that they had 5-packs of the original, the grape, and the apple flavours - but no orange.


nicky blue said…
Well, actually I wasn't even aware Yakult came in alternative flavours......
Anonymous said…
Haha, you're right! I don't like Orange flavour, no one in the house does.
oh my god – yakult! that's what it's called. i miss it so much but completely forgot (until now) what it was called. nice work tapping into the esp, daryl. now if only you'll help me find out where i can get a pack of candy cigarettes.
brama said…
I love the orange flavor too, and nothing else. And I'm not your Mom.

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