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The Girlfriend once referenced girish, and it turned out to be a pretty impressive film blog - well written, erudite. Take this excerpt from his piece on Godard's Every Man For Himself, for instance:
Late Godard is often referred to as his “transcendental period” and this movie is where that period begins. In the most heart-stopping scenes, Nathalie Baye bicycles around the Swiss countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, manicured farms, backdropped by picturesque sky. The camera seizes mid-rapture, and the images hurtle into a stuttering succession of freeze frames; it’s not quite slow motion, but a sort of freeze-frame motion. (Perhaps this is where Wong Kar-Wai first encountered it.)
I occasionally pretend to write about film, but reading blogs like girish or Like Anna Karina's Sweater does remind me I'm such a dilettante.


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