A soon-to-be Mac user

Yesterday, I caught a severe case of gadget lust at seeing the new MacBook - decently priced, decent power, and in any case I'd been looking for a laptop so that I can surf while downstairs. Mmm. (Yes, that smacks of self-justification, but oh well.) So today - man of impulse that I am - I plonked down the money for a MacBook. But 3 weeks' wait! Groan. I'm not all that good with delayed gratification. I'd been looking forward to trying out Delicious Library.

Friend/Mac evangelist Matt MacInnis is just waiting for the chance to show me what the machine can do.

On a separate tech-geek note, I have a spare Palm Tx that I bought thinking I'd lost my original... and then I found my original in my gym bag. Will be willing to sell the Palm (including an SD card, a leather case, and a screen protector) for a decent price - if you're interested e-mail me at daryl [at] dsng [dot] net.


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