Germany v Sweden

Back from my time in the sun (and the rain) at the firing range. Watched Germany-Sweden in the World Cup - nice to see Singaporean representation on the field, even if today it was only in the form of a fourth official (Shamsul Maidin). That Shamsul's the top-rated ref over at Soccernet is pretty impressive. Certainly he was miles better than Graham "can't count to two" Poll...

Speaking of German football players, I was quite amused by Mortiz Volz's ability to take the piss out of the standard German stereotypes on his home page, including this whole page dedicated to David Hasselhoff ("Being German, I love David Hasselhoff. It's actually the law back in the Motherland. For me the Hoff is almost like some kind of higher spirit. Hoff-ness is everywhere. The Hoff is a big inspiration - in times of trouble I often ask myself 'how would the Hoff deal with this situation...?'")


Anonymous said…
oh! i was waiting the whole world cup to catch that singaporean referee to officiate a game...but missed it (i TIVO-ed it so might catch it later). but a big "yay" for a singaporean presence on the field!

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