Random Macbook Shutdown

I cannot in good conscience recommend my Macbook anymore, much as I'm in love with its features and ease of use. Apparently the "random shutdown" syndrome that I experienced has been pretty much experienced by many around the world - the worrying thing is reading some of the comments on Ubergeek it seems having the logic board replaced (as my computer is doing right now) may not prevent a recurrence of the problem. And the fact that Apple is only issuing a terse response is pretty crap.


Anonymous said…
Just throw it all away... you let me down
Like everybody says... you let me down
Write me off like yesterday... you let me down ...
Anonymous said…
go to the ishop at orchard cineleisure instead! "epicentre"@wheelock is old news, they've sold out.

goodness the service at ishop is GREAT, the guys are so friendly, they explain things to you (no terse replies), and they generally get things fixed well. my macbook died (qt literally) abt 4days after i got it; it got fixed. my iPod too.

ask for mike (:

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